See what our fans did #4aKlondike

Hoops for a Klondike

@joshwhatshisface would jump through hoops for Klondikes, literally.


@ivanaamia Turned her garage into a disco.

Snowboard for a Klondike

Who needs Gold Medals? @snow_ultra grinds rails #4aKlondike. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Cannon ball for a Klondike

@Mzim96 did a pool flip for a Klondike.

Foil futból for a Klondike

@Luv_mydachshund made the best foil futból shot in the world for a Klondike.

Kitchen tango for a Klondike

@buzars and his friends invented a kitchen dance for a Klondike.

WWE Stars go head-to-head #4aKlondike

Your favorite WWE stars weigh in on what they would do for chocolatey goodness. Who’s going to take the bar?

What would Drake Maverick do?

Would Drake Maverick give up his pursuit of the 24/7 title for a Klondike bar?

What would the New Day do?

Would Kofi, Big-E, and Xavier give up their beloved pancakes for Klondike bars?

What would money Mella & R-Truth do?

Would the Princess of Staten Island and R-truth take a Klondike break for a Klondike?

Share what you'd do #4aklondike